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    Mages Weapons, poll

    Sword and Shield/mace
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    Straight or not, we can love who we want. Example @Apocalypse , he love Adaon, Me? Don't ask me.
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    Dope Gameplay

    Bruh💀 This pulls me to use exploits💀or mods. Honestly I use glitch and exploits sometimes in my runs, like the cleric sliding one,projectile thru walls, and maybe more. Oof, we are not supposed to talk about these things, or we will stay in the Banned Dungeon.
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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Smh. Eff the slaves!

    This dude just waited 2 years to post this, what a legend.✋💀
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    All the tavern rumors

    They are that many?
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    Cannot enter icemist

    We're really gonna get banned.💀 I'm gonna delete all my comments so I don't get banned.
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    Dagger Challenge!

    You're right, its just no shortswords. Maybe just the: Shock dagger Vulcan dagger Dagger of Ice Poison dagger Normal dagger Silver dagger So it can be challenging? What do you think,@Ares Voss?
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    Cannot enter icemist

    And guys this what happens when you necropost..
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    Eating High Level Bosses for dinner

    After a hour, I finally beat him, damn Dark Presences, they make it more hard.
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    Myrosian Set No Helm??

    Bruh I'm actually gonna post that right now, also the Thuramian set was incomplete, it lacks leggings.
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    Eating High Level Bosses for dinner

    Thanks for the tip, but I'm getting the void lord first, then I'm gonna get full ashen, and get adamantite sword,even tho I'm god at warrior, he tears me like a paper at Hard. Edit: i think you don't need that mumbo jumbo, so I will get back to work, see ya
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    Eating High Level Bosses for dinner

    I'm killing the three witches then.... Yo 3 Soul Drinker in a row. This the third time I thank you in this game, RNG. I also defeat Varresa don't worry, and I will add the Void Lord on my list. My fingers was so tired dodging from Varessa and Blafarne. Edit: The fight was tough! I used some...
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    I don't know but, Male Varanarri looks like they wearing a green t shirt.