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    Retake quest

    I David, in the Warrior's Quest honor. when he takes the ring in the tomb and saves in the chest, going to see the grissenda the Quest rests and can pick up the ring again.acho that can do infinitely.
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    Versão pc grátis para quem já comprou a versão android

    David eu já comprei a versão do android,por que pra ter a versão do pc tem que pagar de novo?poderia ser grátis para quem já comprou a versão android. Correto? Não acho vantagem comprar uma outra versão que só muda a plataforma e continua a mesma coisa e sem nada novo,chato,bugado e nem consigo...
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    EK Translation - We need your help!

    Portuguese here ok avaiable. Call me if need me.
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    I cant go away from dragon coast

    How i can use the teleporter?
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    I cant go away from dragon coast

    Guys, I'm stuck on dragon coast without a scroll of recall. how to get out of here. poxa david could grade this item by aki. I'm stuck on the map and I do not know how to get out.
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    Infantary training bugged or no has effect.

    Im using adamantite long sword and justice long sword
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    Infantary training bugged or no has effect.

    Personally, I think there is a bug in infantry training skill. I have it at the maximum level, I use myro set and I'm still paralyzed or booted. I thought it was the update. Could check it. Thanks guys and thank you David. Sorry if I posted it instead. wrong. My warrior is stunned.
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    Mage need more power.

    the wizard's idea was good. more like I imagined. in my opinion. is very weak compared to the thief. skills consume a lot of mana. and they fail. I tried them all and the one I thought best was the blast of lightning. still needs to improve and add more stamina, more attack power and decrease...
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    Set myro no have all parts,why?

    personal why set myro has no helmet? I got all the Legion and myro. else is missing you set myro complete. and set Holy admos? going to have? type need to have Shields also, will it having David.
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    Question And A Healing Issue

    i'm still far reaching where most already reached. "end of the game". more am using the Wolf spiritual. and sometimes when use heal injury. healing does not work of first and sometimes I have to use more once or twice.
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    Cleric bad class. Why? Respond david.

    in my opinion, I find cleric bad. has a slow attack, has bad weapons, can not handle it and has little armor to use. well indeed it is stronger than thief worse than warrior. I wonder if someone or david himself has killed the undermother with cleric on the way the three. and they zeroed in the...
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    The Undeveloped Arena Ideas

    could also have fights against fellows having the status of each one by the class he represents.
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    Cleric class is horrible for play.

    David, I can not play with a cleric. already tried the side of the three and did not think good, then going warrior was worse. begins with weapons. everything slow. and the skills spend a lot of point. At Level 10 I was able to make a good warrior. and the clergyman's opposite was still to be...
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    No bosses anymore.

    Well the bosses are not born anymore. The first time I defeated them with difficulty. Now that my warrior is stronger. I do not see any boss anymore, and I've been to all the bars in the game. listening to reports spending money and time and nothing boss. David, what I like the game the most is...
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    Sacred fire no working or bugged.

    in fact I do not know partner. I think that dead people have no resistance to fire. Maybe only david can respond. I hope he sees this post and corrects if it is a bug. Well thanks for the attention and keep playing and checking things that I find strange.