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    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    The Old Ark Lottery - gave up trying to get a Tesla Emitter and completed the quest. Went back in and went through the Reactor again. Finally after having found countless Rods, Bows, Mallets and cutting implements got my Emitter. Still no Robes or special rings... Have over 100 batteries as...
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    A way to efficiently kill high physical damage bosses ?

    If you've got a shard still, you haven't been to the Sunken Citadel, which would improve your armour and get you some handy potions, the Elixir of Galade. I like Fury. Your damage may be a little low: Heavyhand or Duel can help.
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    Arcane Knight Help

    I've just got a mage intended to be an Arcane Knight through the necessary quest. Mindful of a comment by P4ran0id that it's a high level build I didn't hurry this and am now level 16. I've tried it out with Arcane Blade and Combustion maxxed and then with these dropped a little so I could...
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    Putting points in Strength as a staff mage ?

    I'd be looking to use light weapons with an Arcane Mage - more attacks makes elemental damage more effective.
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    Smoke Bomb

    Let your companion tank and then flank the enemy - Sneak Attack becomes deadly.
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    Smoke Bomb

    All up 12 skill points - Stealth III and Smoke Bomb III.
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    Smoke Bomb

    Yes, to setting up a back stab, and if you get Smoke Bomb II or III you have a chance to stun all in the area. It's quite an investment, though.
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    Help without dying on Ironman

    True, but I'm still relearning habits and playing on Hard without dying has changed how I play a lot. I'm doing quests in a different order, and I'm trying to avoid being careless while travelling (have died from a stray spider spit in the past). It's good for my health too - I'm not playing...
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    Smoke Bomb

    I'm trying a Hard playthrough with no deaths as a rogue. I've decided to invest in Smoke Bomb and it's saved my life twice so far - ambushed by an Sabercat Alpha when in combat with another one; suddenly I was on 2 hp! Then against Ahroun I was on 10 hp... It won't save me against detectors...
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    Help without dying on Ironman

    I agree. A death counter is what I want too.
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    Fury Build

    I'm experimenting with a Fury Warrior build. I know it's all easier if you take Hirge, but she spoils sitting in the fury zone and getting +65% to your damage. Making this work has raised a number of issues: It gets expensive staying in the zone -- you need to consume healing potions to stay...
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    Spoilers The Most Painful Weapons?

    I'd used the Silver Bow of Malan against Undead, but read this and had to agree. I now only use it against werewolves, fire elementals and demons. The Vicious II, Beastslayer II and the speed makes Wyrmslayer deadly.
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    Who's the best companion for you and why?

    Hirge is the easiest. It's expensive using Grissenda. I'm tempted to use Adaon with my Archer - flanking damage from him as they run at me would be fun.
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    About time for Ironman

    I don't think I can manage Iron Man. It's too easy for a run to end when I get careless. I'd just reached level 9 with an Archer using Hirge. I was off to get the Mist Hunter's Bow and stopped to do the Fort Assault on the way. Sergeant Dumek went missing and I thought I'd run into the fort and...
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    kill or not minotaur king?

    Don't you end up having to kill the priestess too. Giving her emeralds for xp can be fun.