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    Fire crystal - Imp character with crystal corpse disappeared with crystal

    Managed to secure the fire crystal. I killed the imp character again in the passageway of the fire pits and it had the crystal on its corpse.
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    Fire crystal - Imp character with crystal corpse disappeared with crystal

    Thanks all, and good to be back - this is still the best rpg I've found for the android format, and I reckon I've played pretty much all of them. I seem to have glitched it in that the area has respawned with the various monsters, including the named imp, and does so fully whenever I step out...
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    Fire crystal - Imp character with crystal corpse disappeared with crystal

    Hi, I'm unable to get the fire crystal as the imp character (zherghast?) disappeared on death. My character moved from fire pit to lower level of tower at same time imp died, and on coming back into fire pits, corpse had disappeared.
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    Mage save file force closing on load up

    Still persisting after reboot. I have a feeling that I created the character prior to reactivation of my full license, could that have affected it?
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    Mage save file force closing on load up

    My save game for my 2nd level mage character keeps force closing the game on loading up. Ive checked the other saves, and can open them without any problems. Happened twice in a row, unable to send an error report as game closes completely. Will try rebooting phone and see if problem persists.
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    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    Karkas Throtl, Agility based Warrior Lvl 20 (959K exp) STR 4, END 5, AGI 7, INT 3, AWA 4, PER 3 AC 32, FIRE +29, ICE +17, ELEC +12, DEATH +99, POISON +25, SPIRIT +64, Hit Points: 391 Heroic Helm, Legion Breastplate, Myrosian Gauntlets, Amulet of the Eyes, Scutum, Primal Icicle, Ring of Death...
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    Big earthquakes in New Zealand

    The east coast of the South Island has been badly damaged, the rail network has been destroyed, roads are out, lots of land slides. Government is predicting six billion dollars worth of damages. Two people dead, a lot less than the last big earthquake, and less structural damage, but we're on...
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    Big earthquakes in New Zealand

    Already has done. Don't think anyone has been killed though. ... d=11747414
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    Big earthquakes in New Zealand

    I'm okay though. There's a tsunami incoming off the east coast. I'm on the west coast, so I'm personally ok. Hopefully the wave isn't too big or too powerful.
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    New Player Feedback and Help

    Made the thread sticky :) The biggest piece of advice I can give to new players is that if you're in an area where your character is being brutally murdered over and over again by mobs, you're probably in an area designed for a higher level. This game doesn't stop you from exploring areas...
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    Player Weapon/Armor Ideas

    Decreasing attack speed by 200% isn't possible. Do you mean by half? Or 20?
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    Companion skills

    Yep, same with the other companions and their skills too. You need to give him levels in Dungeoneering obviously, and boost his Awareness, but as Dimidium mentioned, as his abilities increase he'll start to disarm higher and higher level traps. I used to just push him ahead of me through the...
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    Went backwards?

    Yeah, I killed Janod with my main character and have been walking everywhere ever since. Not having the access to teleportation towers makes the boats between cities more laboursome. You get to know exactly where to run, but the amount Karkas has had to run would have worn a clear path - there'd...
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    Favorite nation in EK?

    My tenth level warrior thief hasn't gone up against a troll yet, but is already the 'Arch-Enemy' of the Vanaari :D she's going to need a fast flaming bow when she does see her first troll. She's going to go down so well in Mercia :) She'll be buying slaves to take them out into the wilderness...
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    Coding question

    A bazillion lines of code written in eighth dimensional space, all drifting in and out of reality - some making low chuckling noises, others whispering promises of swampdonkeys, others still hiding in closets in empty rooms, telling lies to the spiders.