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    What rpg android games do you play besides exiled kingdoms?

    Toram Online, its really addictive MMORPG it will make you busy avery time, very good graphics controls, etc. base story line. open world and its really big, you can look evrywhere, screen has a zoom in and out,. good voice quality skills, ambiance .. and pls, if you play that game, just be...
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    Ideas about graphics, lets join all

    o im so excited if this game will be Online! i hope you add some movement of the trees a flying bird from the trees or from the ground a feeding rooster at evry town, a shouting voice for some skill, like (Slaying)"hâ!" its like a bash skill, like that hehe, is that possible? im inspired by The...
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    The primal forge

    bappasalar cave at the Dragon mountains) anyone knows where to find the "beautiful metal"? its needed to craft or upgrade? a weapon by goblin..