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    Detecting secret doors

    Edit: correct description below.
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    Troll regeneration (massive criticals immunity)

    Talking about fictive trolls, its just a fantasy game.
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    progress deleted

    Yep thats sounds awesome, not to mention when the game will arrive on iOS and PC. I'd really like to know a vague count for those who have paid, if its not too personal. Even if its only 10%, that already would be awesome!
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    progress deleted

    From where do you get this number? Would be awesome, but the PlayStore "only" shows more than 100k downloads.
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    Buff justice

    Ah yes, was thinking about the shortsword for some reason. But that doesnt change much, since i think that acocording to the actual content everything is well balanced. Justice is slightly better in certain situations than the longsword, for example when fighting undead. Also dont forget the...
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    Buff justice

    Depending on how experienced you are, you can also get Justice at Lvl 9. I cannot say that it's a rare drop, since you could save before the fight and reload if necessary. So if you can beat the boss then you'll get the sword easily. Also dont forget that handweapons have a better armor...
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    Counting of DPS

    Resistance has nothing to do with the dps rating. I see your point that you want more information, but i think it only would overload the statscreen and thats not necessary. The dps rating of your average dmg is an simple orientation for you. Choosing the right weapon in the right situation is...
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    PlayStore alternative

    Since google changed the PlayStore, you cannot look for new released games in the subcategories anymore, and on the start page's new game category you of course only see hyped trash like Poketrash No-Go or most profitable freemium-pay2win trash. Does anyone know a good page wich is updated...
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    Counting of DPS

    Why? Otherwise everyone always has to calculate and add the element dmg. Also dont forget criticals since they are also included into dps.
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    Uniqueness at first sight

    Too bad. Is there a chance you could restore the axe by loading one of the savefiles?
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    Orc encounters

    20 dps seems a bit low on you lvl, you need better gear. Also, you could try to evade encounters until you're stronger.
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    Offhand weapons

    Depending on how you finally want to balance dps, you could make an 30% armor rating when equipping offhand weapons, since they could also be somewhat used for blocking. If you look for an additional advanced active skill, then there could be something like Riposte. When activated, it negates...
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    2H Warrior: The Barbarian

    Re: 2H Warrior: Unbalanced Barbarian Ah alright, the used terms are a bit misleading since both builds are very well balanced.
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    extreme lag in castel bluerock

    I have the same issues on my poor Xperia E4, Android 4.4, especially in the Royal Crypts. Clearing the dungeon negates the lag.
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    2H Warrior: The Barbarian

    Re: 2H Warrior: Unbalanced Barbarian Ok, so you can do a lot damage with your lvl17 2h-Warrior. And whats the imbalancing now?