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    Grissenda and Advance Skill Quest

    Thank you!
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    Grissenda and Advance Skill Quest

    Any estimation maybe around level 15? On the wiki it says to go from Rhoneis to Nirvania for quicker results of random encounters however the Quest states the random encounter should be in Varsilia so I’m not really sure...
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    Grissenda and Advance Skill Quest

    How do I activate or start it? It says to find the Messenger during random encounters but so far nothing. Does it have to do with my character level in order for the messenger to appear? Do I need to do random encounters ONLY in Varsillia so it would work?
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    Need help activating EK.bak file in IOS

    How do I even access the Exiled Kingdoms files from my iPhone?
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    Need help activating EK.bak file in IOS

    Hello I have saved the game file on Google Drive which I then downloaded to my icloud and also in my document files which it can’t read. When I try retrieving my saved file, the game just states that it can’t find EK.bak
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    Typos - small errors, please notify here.

    Spelled Strength wrong
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    Undermother *spoliers*

    Where is the daughter?
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    Thoughts on the Mage class

    How about a Tome as an off-hand weapon? Similar to the Dirks that Rogues use that gives extra MP, fire damage, ice damage, lightning damage and so on...however there are Tomes that lets you summon a creature that would act like an extra skill button but it only has a limited use say 10 times and...
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    Any up to date warrior builds out there?

    Really nice stuff in here, wish there was a thread like this for rogues
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    Cleric needs work

    If anything, Clerics should get stronger defensive buffs, stronger than the warrior's defensive skills. Clerics in rpgs are typical tanks thanks to their divine defensive skills such as Armor of Faith, Bless, Draw Upon Holy Might, Defensive Harmony. Clerics are also the best healers in rpgs and...
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    about tomes

    Tomes should not be treated like potions because the original intent was that tomes are rare. If anything David should get rid of the Tomes dropping from bosses because people tend to exploit the idea which leads to things like these.
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    About Stealth

    Yeah and no You wont be able to attack them by surprise if they notice that you are right next to them. With a higher chance of not being detected thru Stealth you will be able to successfully land a surprise attack that will be considered flanking.
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    Pinpoint for the map

    It would be great if we had a feature where we can leave a pinpoint on your map. It would be really helpful if we can leave a mark on a place that we need such as when going rumor boss hunting where they often are in specific places where you have to find them.
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    About Stealth

    I think the chance to not get noticed by the enemy should be increased to atleast 90% because its a good skill to pair with Flanking. I've been playing a backstab thief with Stealth lately and it's really mediocre because by the time im behind the enemy, I'll be noticed by them and wont be able...
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    Thoughts on the Mage class

    I bet they will have staves and wands as weapons that can shoot some type of elemental damage just like a firebow. Their skills will determine what type of elemental damage that is Maybe put a new attacking mechanic where they can hold the attack button and charge up and release a powerful...