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    Is level 13 too low for fighting Ancient Mummies?

    Take toxic resistance equipment, step back to not be in toxic cloud, it doesn't move. So you won't fight in it getting more damage. If you are mage obviosly take fire staff / wand, mummies are vulnerable to fire.
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    Spoilers lvl 2 mage vs Izharrak Ironman

    Try to edit your post, maybe, if you delete it thread also will be deleted.
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    Spoilers lvl 2 mage vs Izharrak Ironman

    What try is it?)
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    Transfer from old phone to new phone

    Make a back up by creating EK.bak file on your old phone and upload it to new one. You may use computer or some cloud, google disc, for example as mediator to do it.
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    What music are you listening to right now?

    Something called Japanese trap(or bass) on YouTube.
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    New general skill , make potions

    Yeah, and he doesn't take money for work. Maybe, he takes some apples for his other orders. The idea of creating potions by yourself is reducing amount of ingredients.
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    New general skill , make potions

    It would be better if it was some quest after completing it you would be able to create potions in tower of termadan on laboratory table(with pounch of ingredients and laboratory gloves, of course))
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    Filter for Polls

    Oh, looked for it in search option.
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    Filter for Polls

    Here are threads with polls and I think it would be usefull if we could get list of threads with polls. P. S. If somebody wants to see all polls too read it. I sorted threads in generall by number of replies by descedent because I thought threads with posts should have more replies, the last...
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    How to? Negative reputation with The Three?

    No, but you may ruin rep with Ilmara) and Varannari. It's very easy to become criminal in Mercia and Thuram, but nobody complained for issues with War. guild, so I think nothing happens.
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    Can't speak with Nisor after completely the Hunting Bugs! quest

    Everything is OK, you haven't loose anything. As the Undermother said come back when you'll need mirror shards. If you have some problems,first, look in wiki.
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    Can't use trait points?

    Yeess. Just find one of the Ancient Tollasian Tomes, there is one in each tomb, or level up once more.
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    Cannot progress quest cold trail

    Have you talked to Captain after you killed Hidalix?
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    Official Wiki Corrections and Suggestions Thread

    Page: Summoned Creatures Issue: bear isn't mentioned. @MikeB asked for Lesser Red Orb image.
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    All the tavern rumors

    Yes, I'm sure.