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    The game is still in development?

    The game is finished and completed. And there's no further development. If (and that is if, not a statement that in future it will happen for sure) there would be some further development, this remains to be seen. But, that would be possible only after work on Archaelund (name of next game)...
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    Is Exiled Kingdoms Undervalued?

    Exactly. In a way, this is very basic of whole science behind marketing. You don't pay for what you get, i.e. price isn't reflection of value. There's many examples, gold for one. You buy lump of gold and what? You have paperweight you overpaid. Could you eat gold (well, I know that technically...
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    Iceblink, a very fun old-school RPG + Toolset

    Yeah, things like that can happen when two years pass. But, google shows these: Forum, GitHub, one download option (though I would rather try with forum or GitHub)...
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    Posting images on EK forum using image hosting websites

    We again have new position for posting images...
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    How to post screen shots here

    Just to test (on a PC though) I'm trying to use image button: Well, it works just fine, but had to switch to insert image through link. Now I'll try to do this by copying image (not image link!!!): Yes, it doesn't work. But just pasting image (that I copied from website): Yeah, error...
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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    Check 1:52 to 2:04.
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    A few questions.

    Here on the forum. Or, as mentioned, on its Steam page (linked in previous post).
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    It may (and please, read it as that as maybe, don't read it as "it will be certainly") be expanded in some future time. If you want more info on when this future time may be, not before David's next game Archaelund is finished. So, there may be some new content, but also, there may not be new...
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    Türkçe Dil çevirisi

    Here's thread about translation, how to become translator, etc. Sorry I can't tell you more about this, as I personally don't work on translation process.
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    Türkçe Dil çevirisi

    This mainly depends on Turkish translators as translation is provided by you (i.e. fans of the game who put effort in translation).
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    Can someone remind me where the Map Areas by Level graphic is?

    Something similar in wiki you can find here. But, quick google search shows no other results, though I think I remember something like you're asking for, but, who knows where this is now, or it may be just my mind playing tricks with me.
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    Is the game finished?

    There's no "loose ends", but you can't access all the zones you see on the map of the world, if you're asking about this.
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    can i play the same saves in pc and in mobile?

    Yes, you need to purchase game for each platform you want to play it on. Each platform's owner is different company, that's why. But, on each platform you can have as many installations as you like, as long as you use same account you used for purchase.
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    Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to become an editor?

    Working model now is that you need to apply for Loreseeker (i.e. wiki editor) position here, after that wiki admin creates your account with desired details (best use PMs for such things) and needed privileges and that's it, you've just become wiki editor. @MikeB maybe if you edit first post to...
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    Restore purchase

    You need to purchase again on Steam (Valve is different company from Google, that's why) to be able to play on PC. Good news is, same save files work on each platform, you only need to move files between platforms manually.