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    My 1st accnt has been locked…

    From what I see, it should work, try again... If you still have problems, start private conversation with me.
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    Transfer from old phone to new phone

    It's simple, you have to first save game to the cloud manually. After that, on the new phone you just use same google account as on the old one. Then install game from play store, restore purchase, and again manually restore game from the cloud. This works if you stay within same platform, ie...
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    Apple Store Listing Old Version (v1.2.1118)

    I think it's in a way more on iOS and Apple to enable easier life for small developers. Apple has long standing reputation for being extremely closed platform, not only on phones and tablets, but PC as well. It is good in some ways, but bad in others.
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    I need a new challenge

    Yes, cloud sync doesn't work on PC :oops: It has to be done manually, but then it works just fine. Only it's not as convenient as automatic cloud sync.
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    Never die?

    Saved file works on all platforms without problems, if file isn't damaged or corrupted in any way (which isn't responsibility of the game itself). I don't have iOS, but I did exchanged files between my PC and phone (Android). And, only "problem" is, how to access file system on iOS. If you know...
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    Compre en gog galaxy y n puedo jugar en mi celular

    Each platform (Android, iOS, Steam, GoG) is own company, and you have to buy it again, in each corresponding store. But, save file works on all devices and platforms, if you want to exchange it between devices.
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    I need a new challenge

    Why you don't sync PC and phone?
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    Cloud restoration error (pre-1.3.1182 )

    They are replaced. You should take care of this manually, as if you overwrite some saved files, and you don't have a backup, they are lost.
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    Quick Question

    I actually prefer to play it on a PC, just because of how you control movement. But, I know it's personal preference, so I can't tell what you would find more suitable. Also, you can play only with mouse. And with controller too.
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    How to? Mage barrier help, please.

    And you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find real prince(ss).
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    Varannari reputation

    But, you can. Only thing is, why you want to socialize with those "filthy slaves" you own? I don't socialize with my chairs, couches, knives and other things I own. I'm above that. 😂
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    Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to become an editor?

    You should give me your Gmail address in PM, i.e. conversations as they are called in XenForo
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    Help - Grissenda DPS for a Cleric

    Look, you like to play game your way. That's nice. But do allow other people to play game their way. And discuss nicely your play styles.
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    It was difficult, but I finished completing Hirge's quest at level 1

    We all have been there, done that.
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    It was difficult, but I finished completing Hirge's quest at level 1

    Yes, for those occasions when you just have to have that girl. ASAP. 😅 Anyway, pretty impressive war stories. You really squeeze every last drop from this game.