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    Monk encounters

    Its been a while since I've had psycho monks attack me on the road. Where did they go? Mr. Knight who lost his honor and beggar man continue to stop me though...and orcs of course... I left aadon to rot in the cell, why is beggar still appearing...?
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    Introduce yourself thread

    Hey ya'll. I'm Elijah. 42. Married with 5 kids and one more in the oven. Live in USA. Been playing EK for a couple years and only recently learned the benefit given by scrolls of wisdom and wisdom items. (Been a long time getting to lvl 25 warrior) currently stuck trying to beat Mt Orrog...
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    The great library locked out

    Just gonna say it. I would love to go invade the orc kingdom and show them what it feels like to be ambushed! Going to the isle of snakes would be interesting...and Freeport.
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    Joining guilds

    Are there any advantages to joining a guild not related to your build? Say a warrior joining the thieves guild or a mage joining the warrior's, etc. Are there disadvantages?
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    The great library locked out

    So i cant access those areas even though the rooms are made visible in the wiki? Thats aggravating...
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    Ultimate weapon.

    In your opinion, what is the best weapon per class?
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    The great library locked out

    I checked the wiki map and i should be able to access some other rooms. The library in new garand is where my issue is...ive finished the quest "forgotten lore" but cant get access. I have 30 ish reputation with them.
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    The great library locked out

    I have completed the quest "forgotten lore" but dont have access to the other rooms. Is it because i joined a guild? I can get training and buy stuff but the guard says "this is for lore seekers only". I have "trusted" reputation with them...what am i missing?
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    Completed all tasks but still dont have access to outer areas that are barred in the great library i

    Still doesnt work for me...i left Aadon to rot and he is gone now. Is that linked somehow?
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    Room Access in Lorekeepers library of New Garand

    I'm still locked out even though i completed all the forgotten lore quest. Gone out, saved, reloaded and still locked out. Could it be because i left Aadon to rot in his cell?
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    What are somethings for the rich millionaires?

    And if they hang out with an ogre couple, that would be an epic cameo! :D
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    Yeah my warrior is level 24 and its going to take 2.6 mil before i can get 25. I didnt know fir so long the benefit of xp scrolls and altars. Next build ill use those more.
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    But cant we reach level 80? When i bought the full license back in 2019 i thought it indicated that.
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    Hardest Boss

    Has anyone even reached level 80? Im at level 25 with a warrior and max stats of 5s and 4s. I only recently have understood the benefit of altar donations. 1623337532 Also what about Tol. He hits you for about 4,000 damage but if you get high enough can you actually fight him?
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    Emeralds farming

    Farming the ancient city for all gem and then selling them in Jabal. Made a quick 29,000 gold before to long. Used to farm maze of lamth but think the city is better...