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    Anyone help me to get grissenda.

    [Some heavenly voice] : It was the moment he knew he 'Ducked' up! .... Well, anyway thanks. Seems like I would never be able to complete grissenda related quest. Actually I'm, level 33 mage with 70/90 quest completion record.
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    Anyone help me to get grissenda.

    Well, can I get grissenda as companion after I decided against to give the ring of elements back? It was my mistake long time back, when I was new to game. My first companion was adaon.
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    What are the best items for magicians?

    I'll recommend the equipment I am still using. I'm level 33 mage. You can see my other equipments here- viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5837&p=51304&sid=bc22f2d042b049f540001dd548c28b6b#p51304 Staff of impact(2 handed, arcane V, stun I, ranged) Speed-9 Damage-11-19 Critical-6% Official description...
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    Trial and Error quest

    Thanks bro
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    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    Axiel Sylvestr- Level 33 Mage Str - 5(6) Agi - 6 End - 6(7) Int - 6(7) Awa - 5(7) Per- 5(6) Dps- 37.23 Criticals- 44-68 Effects- stun 5%, slow 40%. Speed- 9 Armor 20 --Equipments-- Jester's skull(New, came in new map(Hill giant boss) (Bonus per 1+) Abbot's ring(From quest cursed abbey)...
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    Trial and Error quest

    Anyone got any clue how to activate the telescope.[Died twice because of shock]