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    Hirge never heals anymore.

    Looks like there's no answer to this other than rebuild her skills again and leave out might. Unfortunate, but lesson learned. Would this be considered a bug since she won't cast anything else? Regardless, I'm hooked like a crackhead. Absolutely love this game, reminds me a lot of my all...
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    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    Level 9 Cleric, Rygar HP: 179 Armor: 17 (Full blessed chain, Shield of LIfe, Ursan Charm, Nivarian Cloak) STR: 3 END: 2 AGI: 3 INT: 1 AWA: 1 PER: 2 Main Weapon: Thunder (5-6, +3 elect.) DPS: 14.5 Not completely happy with build, will reroll to focus more on agi.
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    Hirge never heals anymore.

    I redid Hirge's traits and skills, giving her might. Now that is all she will cast, even when I am low on HP she won't heal. Anyway to fix this?