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PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:06 am 
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Hi I'm Jake, I'm an avid gamer currently attending college to get a doctorate in creative writing. If it seems like I'm referring to a singular person when I'm talking about the developer of exiled kingdoms I mean the entire design team and staff that you have behind you if you have one.

First I would like to give a little background on my experience and knowledge with the action-rpg genre. I played Diablo Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. I was also a Avid fan of Path of Exile and I often competed in the Path of Exile hardcore ladders. I am proud to say that I've sometimes ranked rather highly and well that's kind of a sad thing to be proud of it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed doing it in my spare time while I was attending college. I've been rather active in a lot of online games betas.

There are other games that I could name but none are as prevalent as Diablo or path when it pertains to this genre. So when I say that exiled kingdoms is the best action RPG game that I've played since Diablo 2 and the original Diablo I mean it wholeheartedly. You have an engaging story with characters that I actually enjoy. I find the Rogue companion to be infuriating and yet I can't help but love him. As far as the warrior companion goes I am honestly curious why she is a disgraced ex knight. It shows time and time again that a game with good gameplay and a terrible story line that's not engaging never lasts. A great deal of the most popular, influential games within this genre and others have a storyline that is not only easy to follow but is complex in its own right. I have played a lot of mobile games and none have really to this extent reached out and grabbed me. Your game and anyone else who is designing and writing this with you is without a doubt separate from all the other games on the market. The only thing that I can say that would ruin this game is making it like all the other pay to win transaction games on the market I fear the day that you make the choice to make gold and items buyable with real world money.

I'm not sure if you plan on keeping all the characters in the game designed the way they are or if you plan on customizing all the NPCs and all the monsters. However I think it would go a long way if you made subtle changes to everything if you don't plan on customizing everything I haven't read where you said you are. I know there's a lot of content still being added that you are working on and I appreciate the time and work that goes into this so if I haven't said this already thank you for all the work that you guys are doing. Small things like the majority of the armor in the game looking different, magic items having subtle quirks, such as flaming weapons having a fire effect on them would be nice. Same goes for the electrical and so on and so forth.

What I think is a really good idea for the game to fund all your future endeavors is to not sell anything that actually affects the game state that only affects the visuals such as skins for weapons, armors, and everything. You can make skins to make swords look like the master sword from Legend of Zelda or to make them slightly look like that so you don't get sued. A good Greatsword skin would be the Buster sword that cloud and Zack used from Final Fantasy 7. You can make the Skins be anywhere from $0.50 to $8 to $5. I can tell you that if you made a skin look like a Robin Hood hat for helmets, I'd pay $5 for it purely just to have the helmet to help you guys out and look a little cooler. I'm unaware if someone has already told you this idea or if you've had this idea yourself. I'm just putting this here so people can read and give feedback on it and see if they'd like it. Maybe you'd like it if you haven't thought of it yourself.

I like the idea of putting out expansions after the main game has been beaten. If the World of Warcraft can keep shiting out expansions I'm pretty confident that you can also but I'm also aware there is always a point where instead of putting out an expansion you start thinking of Exiled Kingdoms 2. My hope is if you do make a new game that it'll be a computer game or possibly even a console game. I don't know what lies in your future or if this is even your passion. I honestly think you have a pretty bright future in game design.

I'm currently holding off on making another Iron Man until the game is completely finished I've already had two die to little mishaps on hitboxs. And a certain king spawning next to me in town and killing my level 5 Rogue as soon as I loaded into the town. Oh and that Damm knight.... the perfectionist in me is still burning because I have yet to get farther as an Ironman. And once you finish more content towards endgame I plan to write out a guide for Jakes rogue Iron Man. I now have 4 loves in my life exiled kingdoms, monster hunter, runescape and league of legends. Kudos guys.

My last suggestion is for Rogues actually I think it would be an interesting idea to give them a knife-throwing ability that could possibly count as a projectile so archery would affect it. maybe in one of those specialists boxes that you have within the levelup screen. You could also have to be wielding a dagger to use it so it gives rogues more incentive to wield daggers over short-sword even though short swords give you more damage overall, daggers give you the ability to use a nice ability. I think you'd give the rogues more versatility and the ability to have more build options.

If you read until the very end thank you!

- Jake

PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:00 pm 
EK Developer, Admin
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Hello! thanks for the valuable feedback! it is reassuring to see in my playerbase so many experienced RP'ers. You can safely refer to me in singular, as I am a one man team (although I used a lot of open assets, check the credits page, and also got a little help from my kids regarding music and a few other tasks)

I am never, ever, enabling "pay to win" nor ads in this game. I might eventually release additional expansions, but at this moment, with content available only at 60% of what is planned, I don't even think about that. Time will come, to choose between expansions, sequel, or also enable cooperative online, arena, etc. I'll certainly wait until the time is right and will probably consult the community about it too.

Some of the things you suggest regarding customizing looks are not possible to implement in the game, mostly due to limited resources. An example is more customized look of armor/weapons. Well, I'll add a few, but this is a 2D game, running on a mobile phone, and isometric sprites devour memory, which already makes the game unplayable in any mobile under 1Gb RAM, and sometimes even causes trouble to unoptimized models with 1Gb. So I have to be real careful about that. There is a reason why most armors looked the same in Baldur's Gate. *some* more weapon and armor models are coming, but never expect EK to allow a huge variety of visual configurations, as it happens in 3D games.

Throwing idea: noted, thanks!


PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:16 pm 
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DavidBVal wrote:
I am never, ever, enabling "pay to win" nor ads in this game.

Thank the Three! Nothing causes me to lose interest faster.


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