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New Game/Newbie Mage
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Author:  Keiz18 [ Sun May 12, 2019 7:09 am ]
Post subject:  New Game/Newbie Mage

Good evening folks, long time without posting here. Like the title says I would like to start a new game on normal difficulty, this time with a Mage. Knowing that I would appreciate very much your tips and advices, from the most and least experienced players with the Mage class. This may help others who also wanna play like Mages so here I go:

Where you recommend to level up as the character goes up in level?

There's some gear on the early/mid game that I can farm? or I should stick to the items from the merchants?

I wanna play has a summoner, what skills/Stats you recommend to get the most out of it? (If there is another build variant, you can recommend it too.)

For a Mage, who is considered the best companion/tank, Grissenda or Hirge?

Where is more advisable to raise the reputation as a Mage?

Which do you think are the "Cons" for the class comparing it with the other classes?

How well or badly does the Mage develop against bosses?

There's an specific end game gear for the Mage or there are variants that are equally efficient?

To finish, any general or personal recommendation that you can give me regarding the class and its playability?

Like always thank for answer!

Author:  DavidBVal [ Sun May 12, 2019 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New Game/Newbie Mage

I would *always* invest in Mage Armor (no matter the build), at least 1 point, especially because of spike traps.

As for basic skills I suggest one elemental attack (probably lightning is the easiest to use and more practical against undead), then go for your lesser summon.

I prefer Grissenda, at least until you get big summoned creatures which are worth healing.

However, you'll find out your own strategies... not two people play mages the same way, I think.

Author:  p4ran0id [ Sun May 12, 2019 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New Game/Newbie Mage

I prefer the summoner build, here is my. Ignore the 1 STR, it was a mistake and I was too lazy to rescill, staff get damage Bonus from AGI.



Author:  Duck123 [ Tue May 14, 2019 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Game/Newbie Mage



This is my summoner build, it’s definately a glass cannon, but I beat the game including the sewer of horrors on casual with it no problem

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