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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 1:01 pm 

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we can make five civilisations

Varsilia, Mercia, Thuram, Ilmara and the Muud'aris

I have thought about the Ilmara
Civilization Ability: Mercy, Might and Wisdom
can only build the holy cite in the capital. the holy cite in a conquered city if it's not a capital will be destroyed. gain the unique units battle priests , bought with faith. all units have a plus 5 strength bonus fighting barbarians. Gain the unique improvement altar. City with an altar gain +10% science and culture

Unique District: The Hall of wisdom, can only be built in capitals(your own or captured capital), cost half of the time to be built, produce the faith, amount of which equals to the population of the city. have 6 slots of great writings. Each writing placed in the hall of wisdom also produce 4 Science points

Unique impriment : altar. altar can be built every where, produce the faith equal to one fourths of the hall of wisdom in your capital. Each city can only build one altar

unique unit: battle priests . bought with faith, have the same strength of the strongest melee units u can built. have a special chain of improvement .
left line: 7 str when defending. 2. +4 str for itself and all units around it. 3.can see the invisible units
right line: 1.when healing, heal 15 extra hp. 2. when healing, also heal units around it 10 hp. 3. defeating an enemy can generate the faith equal to its str.
final: when garrisoned on an altar, the city will gain an extra 10% bonus of science and culture

leader1: Hirge's mom
leader trait:merciful queen
units heal 10extra hp in friendly territory , even after moving or attacking.

leader2: Hirge
leader trait: legendary adventure with the world saviour
battle priests gain +1 movement
when battle priests move close to a new natural wonder gain a free level up

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