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Version 0.8 - completed
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Author:  DavidBVal [ Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Version 0.8 - completed

EDIT: version 0.8 reached, all of the listed features were added (or postponed).

Here we go, another big step towards final release. This one will make the game much more fun, you'll see :)

As with previous version 0.7, I will not release all this in one big update; expect a release every week or two, as I add and improve things. Once everything in the list below has been implemented, it will be labeled as 0.8. I can't really know for sure when it will be finished, all I can say is, I work nonstop in the game, so when it's done, it's done :)


Improved AI: there's still pathing problems, they'll all get fixed.
Status: Done

Improved companions: you will get a special menu to give them generic orders (hold, attack, etc) or talk to them. You will be able to reduce their aggro range too (Which by default will be smaller). Once you own a home, all your companions will be found there.
Status: Done

Active effects: flames, toxic clouds, mechanical spikes, calltrops... you'll be able to find such things in dungeons, as obstacles to avoid, or triggered by traps or other effects.
Status: Done, a few of them postponed.

Guilds: your character will be able to join a faction, and gain access to certain new quests, traders and trainers as a result. I would like to add at least three of them in 0.8, although I have 8 planned.
Status: Done

Advanced Skills: some of them will finally be introduced! You need to unlock them via a trainer, normally in a guild. I'll give more info about this soon. And yes, ways to reset your skills will be provided.
Status: Done

Many new items: clickable items didn't make it into 0.7, but now they'll come. also, many new kinds of scrolls (summoning, circles of protection...). Over 50 new items added including 4 new armor sets, axes, hammers, mauls, etc.
Status: Done, but clickables are postponed.

Crafting system: some of the crafts will be added, brewing and scribing scrolls. Crafting armors and weaponry might need to wait a bit more still. The crafting mechanics is already planned, and will be disclosed soon as well.
Status: Postponed.

Better encounters: this one was also cut out from 0.7. Both in town and in roads, there will be many more interesting people to meet, which can even initiate quests.
Status: Done, but more will come.

New areas: several outdoor areas and dungeons will be added, and also I'll add detail to some of the existing ones that are rather empty still (Storme, Iron Valley). Of course, new quests will be included.
Status: Done, and beyond the initial scope.

Improved Town Hall quests: Each kingdom will offer different ones, and they'll be of different types as well.
Status: Done

Rebalance of current skills and items: I am aware bows are needed, and I am aware some skills need love.
Status: Done


I know what you are thinking... where is the mage?!?!

The reason the mage is not here yet is, he needs some of the mechanics above to be implemented. In particular, the persistent map effects, as well as scroll scribing. It has to be done in this order, if I want to make things right. Mage will be priority after 0.8 is finished.

Finally, the iOS release should happen real soon. It works great on my old iPad, so only details and "bureaucracy" remain.

Thanks for your attention, and safe adventuring to everyone :)

Author:  DavidBVal [ Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Version 0.8 - This is what I'm working on now ;)

Right now working hard in Freetown and a new dungeon, and also a few new effects.

don't expect to see much of me except in the support subforum, at least for a week...

Author:  DavidBVal [ Mon Jun 06, 2016 2:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Version 0.8 - This is what I'm working on now ;)

There has been a slight change of plans; I decided to postpone a few things (crafting, clickable items) in favor of creating much more content for this version. Since I started planning out 0.8 two months ago, the gameworld has grown by 3 outdoor areas, 1 major town, and 4 dungeons, plus other interior/smaller areas. 12 new quests are completable.

I'd love not having to postpone anything, but I must. My priority right now is making the game completable, a requisite for the iOS release. Of course, I will still add needed features; but the focus will be on the main quest and the areas/content required to complete it.

Author:  DavidBVal [ Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Version 0.8 - This is what I'm working on now ;)

0.8 is official and live; unsticking this topic and working on the 0.9 features list.

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