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Updates for testers (Instructions to become tester in first post)
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Author:  DavidBVal [ Sun May 22, 2016 12:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Updates for testers (Instructions to become tester in first post)

Becoming a tester

Testing for PC version is covered on the Steam forum, to avoid duplicity: http://steamcommunity.com/app/788270/di ... 145644941/

On the mobile version, testing is available only for Android. Just go here and accept: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/ne ... ek.android

And that's it, you'll get the updates normally, via play store. It's like a normal update in every way, your current games will work, etc. When there is no testing update, you might see yourself no longer as a tester; that is normal, once a new update is released you'll be a tester again.

If it tells you the testing group is full, or that you are not allowed to join for whatever reason: sorry, you'll have to wait until testers leave or I decide to increase the group size. Please don't contact me personally about this.

Where to provide feedback? Right here*

If you sign-up but don't get a test update...

It's normal, there's not always a new version being tested. I work on new versions, release them for testing for a while, then make them public. Until the next version is ready for testing, there's nothing to test.

What's different in a test version

Not much, you keep playing your games normally, and when the public one gets released, you just get an update again. You will simply get more frequent updates.

In this thread I'll announce when there's an update and what it will include. So if you want to become a tester, I recommend you to suscribe to this thread to be notified of available updates.

The only thing I want to ask of you is, please provide feedback on the appropiate forum thread (linked above!). In particular, if there's new quests or areas, check for any problems with those. And any feedback is useful in this case, even a "everything works fine on quest X" is helpful to me.

Author:  DavidBVal [ Sun May 22, 2016 12:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a tester - and get the new updates earlier! (Updates thread)

v.0.7.909 - 18/5/16

-Sneak Attack skill now really works when you attack an enemy from behind, including stun chance. The damage increase has been reduced a bit, as is now sustainable.
-Stun duration fixed: a bug was capping it at 1 second.
-Rogue +10% gossip bonus is now fixed.
-Fixed some crashing dialogues (Librarian, Hirge, anton Gerdt in library).
-Archer NPCs had some "blind spots" when player was close to walls; fixed.
-Added conversation option to Hirge hinting at the start of 3 vs 11 quest, if it hasnt been initiated yet.
-Companions will not despawn when you reject them joining you.
-Added a conversation option with the Bishop to join the Church of Three abandoning previous guilds; this option will be removed eventually, but the guild change will be permanent.
-Typos and other minor fixes.

Update 0.7.913 - 22/5/16

Just a few changes and fixes, this version is no longer flagged as test so respec and train costs go back to normal.

-Rodo shouldn't spawn after his quest is completed, even at night.
-If Smuggles in the Night had been re-started, but you finished it and joined the thieves' guild, I have correctly set the quest in the journal to finshed status.
-At character creation, you can now see skill details button for all levels.
-critical chance is now rounded up when you increase it with a "Precision" Skill.
-Fire salt drop chance slightly increased in fire dungeon chests.

If all goes well with this version, it will go public. Remember Feedback goes now into a separate thread: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=949

Author:  DavidBVal [ Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a tester - and get the new updates earlier! (New thread)

New release: v.0.7.915

please feedback here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=949

Content and world changes/additions

-New areas: city of Freetown (still in progress), two nearby outdoor areas, and dungeons.
-4 new quests added.
-Dubious Poetry quest is now completable.
-Many new items, NPCs, dialogues, and challenges.


-Shield upgrade: shields now make a big difference in how armor resists damage, and this effect scales up with armor progression.
-Less armor on monsters: as a consequence of the above, many monsters not wearing shields will be a bit more vulnerable to damage. Some thick-skinned monsters like minotaurs and wyverns still count as having a shield. but for instance Trolls, goblins, bandits, are less armored now.
-Swords, hand axes, maces and hammers now do slightly more damage.


-Fixed a bug with player's arrows going through walls.
-Duel advanced skill was not adding its damage, fixed now. Beware monsters with Duel... disengage for 2 seconds to stop the effect.
-Immersive mode: the game will hide android taskbars on all devices, you can bring it back by swiping.
-Many minor fixes and typo corrections.

Author:  DavidBVal [ Fri Jun 10, 2016 8:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a tester - and get the new updates earlier! (New thread)

Uploaded version 0.7.924

It deals with some bugs in immersive mode; please check that the game properly hides the task buttons and android notification bars and report to me in the feedback thread

in particular, it seems the version 923 didn't properly hide the bars upon first opening the game, only after switching tasks, and also it was seriously messing with Android 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3

Thanks in advance for your invaluable help.

Author:  DavidBVal [ Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a tester - and get the new updates earlier! (New thread)

Here we go again. As usual, respec costs have been lowered, and dragons have been respawned.

v.0.7.926 3/7/16

Content and world changes/additions

-New area, Crimson Hills (and other minor maps). Several new monsters and items.
-2 new quests (started at Freetown and New Garand's Great Library).
-You can buy a house in New Garand (talk to the Governor). Your companions will also spawn there (in addition of their usual spawn points).

Features and fixes

-The game can now be moved to external storage (SD card).
-Companion orders: talk to your companions and tell them you have some Battle Orders for them. You can now adjust their aggro range, tell them to never attack, or order them to wait/follow.
-Hirge will now heal wounded party members when out of combat, or when ordered not to fight.
-NPCs (including Adaon) will now properly use kick when wielding a bow.
-Player can now be properly flanked by enemies. Beware!

Balance and adjustments

-Warrior skill "Resilience" improved. Cooldown reduced from 60 to 35 seconds, and armor gain increased on second and third level.
-Level 11+ enemies now progressively give more XP.

I am still not done with this test build, a few more things might be added soon (test corrections especially in spanish, and the new town hall quests and road encounters).

Please try the "move to Sd" feature and provide feedback in the other thread, linked on first post.

Author:  DavidBVal [ Wed Jul 27, 2016 2:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a tester - and get the new updates earlier! (New thread)

A new test update is coming within a couple days.

The number of testers allowed has been increased, so you can join as Beta Tester again!

Author:  DavidBVal [ Wed Jul 27, 2016 6:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a tester - and get the new updates earlier! (New thread)

Note: I cleared the group, as many hundreds of testers were inactive. *If* you see you're no longer a tester, please join the testing again if you are interested. thanks!

Author:  DavidBVal [ Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a tester - and get the new updates earlier!

Here we go:

v.0.8.932 31/7/16

Content and world changes/additions

-More areas included with the free license! Kingsbridge, New Garand Farmlands, and several dungeons. Level cap increased to 5.
-Mercia and Ilmara have their own separate pool of Town Hall quests now. Beware, some of the Mercian quests will hurt your reputation with other factions.
-Available Town Hall quests increased from 82 to 137.
-New dungeon near Freetown, with a quest. Recommended for level 14+
-New random encounters on the roads.

Features and enhancements

-Pay fine: if your reputation with a kingdom or town is below -5 (but not below -20), you can pay gold at the Town Hall to improve it.
-Town Halls now properly display how they calculate reputation, when it is the average of two different factions.
-You can now save your game at your house.
-New compression: game size reduced by 12Mb, and loading times are now faster.
-The button to talk to your companion will now appear more to the left of other conversations, to reduce accidental tapping on it.
-Donations are now repeatable.


-Fixed a crash that could happen when talking to Hirge in your house.
-Fixed an AI bug that could freeze enemies after they fought another NPC on the screen edge.
-fixed a bug that sometimes made the player appear behind walls and obstacles when he was moving close to them.
-Some ground items that were wrongly being drawed over the player have been fixed.
-Many lesser bugfixes and crashfixes.
-Over 50 small typos/grammar mistakes fixed.

Balance and adjustments

-XP reward for completing Town Hall Quests increased (+45%). Some of them will be available at a minimum level, and the enemies now have a level cap.
-On "Casual" difficulty, regeneration cap has been increased from 35hp to 50hp.
-Cleric skill "Arbenos' Might" now costs less mana and has its duration increased by 50%
-Potions of speed and invisibility now have a shorter duration.
-Drop rate of scrolls increased, but price in shops increased as well.
-Giants and Dragons are now immune to pushback.

Author:  DavidBVal [ Sun Aug 07, 2016 9:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a tester - and get the new updates earlier!

Added a minor update, as the "Pay Fine" button bug was giving me a lot of headaches. No new content (it is all half-baked so I removed it from the build).

-Fixed the "Pay fine" button, wasn't working correctly.
-Fixed a few stability issues.
-Cleric skill "Holy Shield" now has its duration doubled and mana cost reduced.
-Level 2 of the skill "Extra Recovery" has its cost reduced from 5 to 3. If you learned it, you'll get 2 points refunded.

Author:  DavidBVal [ Fri Sep 02, 2016 11:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Become a tester - and get the new updates earlier!

Here we go with a new test update. It is already uploaded, and should take you about 2-3 hours to see it on the play store if you signed up as a tester. If not, I just increased the testing group size so new people can join.

this one is going to fail and crash, badly. Lots of new stuff, lots of scripting, so it's bound to crash here and there. Don't be scared if anything happens, I'll fix it quickly.

v.0.8.940 2/9/16

Content and world changes/additions

-The largest update ever: 8 new areas added including the town of New Anthur and surroundings. Content ranges between levels 7-16.
-5 new quests (in the New Anthur area), leading you to unique situations. Plenty of people to meet, and dialogues with the most terrible jokes ever.
-Over 20 new items, some of them with new powers. But beware the new monsters and unique challenges!


-Fixed a bug that could cause some enemies to stay frozen.
-Fixed a bug that could make autotargeting fail.
-solved several minor graphical glitches.
-Fixed a bug related to Arbenos' Might skill duration (now it will last longer)
-Several stability fixes and enhancements added.

Balance and adjustments

-Intellect now gives a bonus to XP gained, +2% per point.
-New items with "Wisdom" attribute can also grant an XP bonus.
-Certain scrolls, and altars of The Three can provide a temporary bonus to XP gained.
-Altars of The Three can now be used by clerics to restore a little mana each day.
-The price of early armor sets in shops has been reduced drastically: hardened leather, chain, forest chain, blessed chain, plate.
-Stun and paralization will now interrupt spellcasting, preventing using potions and scrolls. Beware!
-"Bane" weapons like Orcslayer, Holy, Beastslayer, etc, now add +2 damage per rank (tap on the item property for details). Because of this, a few of them have been downgraded one rank (but they keep the same damage bonus as before) while others keep the old rank and now do more damage.

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